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Daura Hernández García



Daura is a dancer with an eclectic education in dance and theatre. She was born in Tenerife, Spain and in 2000, she moved to Madrid to continue her education. She graduated from UPM in Sports Science and Physical Education while completing her artistic education in Dance.

Daura has participated in many workshops with numerous choreographers, including Daniel Abreu, Shahar Dor, Jonathan Lunn. She is a dancer in somoSQuien and performed their piece ‘HTAP. Studio nº3’ by Jorge Crecis in Spain, England and Cuba. In the UK she also has worked with CoDa Dance Company and Victor Fung Dance.

She also was the Production Assistant of ‘The International Contemporary Dance Festival of The Canary Islands. MASDANZA’ in 2010 and 2011.

In 2010, Daura graduated from London Contemporary Dance School with a PGDip in Advanced Dance Studies, and in 2011, she graduated from the University of Chichester with an MA in Dance Performance.

Currently she works as a freelance dancer in UK, Spain and Germany. And combine her Yoga and Pilates teaching with her contemporary dance teaching and performing.