Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance is a non-profit, publicly funded membership association. It has been a hub for all dancers, choreographers and performers in the independent dance scene in and around Stuttgart for over a decade.

Some 50 members from the fields of dance and dance education, performance, theatre and the visual arts use the production centre as a place of interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration.

The production centre’s main focus is the support and promotion of up-and-coming independent choreographers and dancers. We feature a wide range of ongoing dance training for professionals on a regular basis and manage a rehearsal and performance space available for members' productions.

We offer PR work for our members, and advocate the improvement of production and performance conditions for Stuttgart's independent dance and performance scene – thus hopefully helping to improve funding and production opportunities.

Since 2010, Produktionszentrum has been campaigning intensively in collaboration with Freie Theater Stuttgart (Independent Theatres Stuttgart) for a shared venue for Stuttgart’s independent dance and fringe theatre scene.


The production centre’s home is a converted beer hall in Stuttgart Feuerbach with offices, studio space, kitchen, foyer and communal areas. The rehearsal studio is a spacious historic ballroom from the 19th century. This is where our professional dance classes, workshops and seminars take place. It is also very busy with members needing rehearsal space.

The studio is available for rent to non-members, please inquire at info@produktionszentrum.de.


For our current class programme, please go to www.produktionszentrum.de or contact the office at info@produktionszentrum.de.


Thank you for your interest in Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance, a non-profit association dedicated to promote contemporary dance and performance art in Stuttgart. All dance, performance and choreography professionals as well as artists from related fields (music, visual arts, film, stage design, light design etc.) are welcome to become a member. We are pleased about every newcomer.

Full membership: An artistic occupation of at least two years is desired (see application form). Full members can make use of the production centre’s services such as free use of the studio space for research and rehearsals, lobbying and networking, representation, PR work, advice on funding applications, membership card, etc. For more details, please contact the office at info@produktionszentrum.de

Members must agree to attend the annual general assemblies. All members agree to provide a portrait photo and a short CV for the website. They are also obliged to put the Produktionszentrum logo on all advertising material for their productions, and to keep the office informed about performance schedules and statistical information.

Membership admission is at the Board's discretion. You can find the application form and SEPA direct debit form in the download area. To apply for membership the forms must be signed and sent to the office.

Become a sponsor or sustaining member: please contact the office at info@produktionszentrum.de

Our managing director Isabell Ohst is happy to answer all queries on the class programme and membership options: isabell.ohst@produktionszentrum.de


For a local map, please go to: Kontakt / Anfahrt

For further information please contact us at

Produktionszentrum Tanz und 
Performance e.V.
Tunnelstr. 16, 70469 Stuttgart, Germany
Tel +49 (0)711 90 73 773

Fax +49 (0)711 90 73 774


Frederik Zeugke Chairman
Vice Chairwoman/Treasurer
Wolfram Palmer Chairman
Alexandra Mahnke Associate board member

All board members work on a voluntary basis. Head of the board is Frederik Zeugke. He is a lecturer in dramaturgy, theater theory and history at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts. Wolfram Palmer is an IT specialist at EinsElf IT GmbH and supports cultural institutions, among others. Alexandra Mahnke is an experienced dancer, execise teacher and choreographer.


Laura Sommerfeld Managing Director

Mariam Tarkian Assistance


The Advisory Board is committed to the cultural and political interests of the association. It advises the Chairpersons, promotes and supports co-operations with other cultural institution. It consists of municipal councillors, representatives from the local arts council and members of the association, as well as members of the public.

The Advisory Board is represented by Hans Casel, Martina Casel, Hans-Peter Ehrlich, Andrea Leonetti, Johannes Milla, Catarina Mora, Nora Niethammer, Jürgen Sauer und Andreas Winter.

Further Information

For further information about the independent dance and theatre scene in Stuttgart, please go to www.ftts-stuttgart.de


Produktionszentrum Tanz+Performance is funded by the Stuttgart arts council.