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Gregory Darcy

Filmemacher & Choreograph



Having grown up in France, Grégory Darcy’s background is related to the following studies: Dança Expressiva and Choreography with Elise Ralston in Berlin Tanzfabrik, Fine Art with M. Mendras at Les Beaux Arts Paris, Aerospace Master of Science with final thesis at Houston - N.A.S.A., Film Analysis at University Paris VI.

 Since 2010, he has worked in Germany as a free-lance choreographer and filmmaker.

In 2010 he received the support of the EVZ Fundation-Stiftung ("Erinnerung, Verantwortung und Zukunft") and the Humboldt University Berlin to create the art video “Tanz mit der Dunkelheit” with exhibition premiere at the Berlin Freies Museum.

In 2015, his art und documentary film „Menschen“ was selected in many german festivals as well as contemporary art museum and shown in more than 15 german cinemas including cities like Berlin, Munich, Freiburg, Kassel, Ludwigsburg, etc.

In 2016 he received the support of the Ministry for Science, Research and Art in Baden-Württemberg for his international dance project „Menschen tanzen“ with 10 dancers, 7 musicians, 12 nations on stage and toured through Festivals at the Karlsruhe ZKM Modern Art Museum, Altes Schauspielhaus Theater Stuttgart, Linden-Museum Stuttgart, E-Werk Freiburg, Stuttgart JES Theater, Altes E-Werk Göppingen, etc.

In 2019 he created for the dancer Anna Süheyla Harms (THE FAUST 2013 award as Best Performer Dance) the choreography "Solo for two ears" which was selected at the 23rd International Solo-Dance-Theater Stuttgart, the Solo Dance Contest Gdansk in Poland and the Festival InciDanse in Switzerland.

He is currently starting and developing his dance company in Esslingen.