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Elena Cattardico

Tänzerin, Choreografin


Elena (1997) is an Italian artist currently active as a freelancer in Germany and abroad.

Together with the junior company, she performed works by José Agudo, Blenard Azizaj, Gil Carlos Harush, Fabio López and others in Switzerland and abroad (TEDx Geneva, Onu, BFM Theater, Flux Laboratory, ecc).

In 2020 she moved to Germany to join in Stadttheater Pforzheim for the season 2020/21.

From August 2021 on she worked with: Mini URBAN DANCE LAB project (Pforzheim); Wang Ramirez Company (Berlin / Principality of Monaco); Oper Frankfurt; dance film-project "EREMITES" (produced by Stadttheater Pforzheim), for which she joined the production as dancer, but also as screenwriter and editing assistant; TANZTHEATER_Katja Erdman-Rajski (Stuttgart); Ornamenta Gala 2024 (Pforzheim); 'Zaplatanie' project_Monika Blaszczak (Berlin); Azimuth Arts and Dance Ensemble (Stuttgart). Hugo Boss's event (Stuttgart)

As choreographer: first prize with "Corrispondenze" (co-producted with Gabriele Rolle) at International Choreographic Competition Fernando Alonsoin 2016 (Havana, Cuba); "Carte Blanche" in 2019 (Flux Laboratory, Geneva); "In the Country of Last Things" in 2022 (Savona, Italy), recently selected for the 'FESTIVAL DANCE DAYS CHANIA 2023' (Greece); in collaboration with Stella Covi has recently created and performed "Noi, Cinema Paradiso" (Metropol Kino, Stuttgart) and "Teatro Olimpico" in occasion of the exhibition "PF8 - Pforzheims Partnerstädte“ im EMMA-Kreativzentrum (Pforzheim)