In the Country of Last Things: Chapter I and II

Tanzperformance von Elena Cattardico

  • Sa 25.11.23
    19.00 Uhr
  • RAMPE Stuttgart

With the first two chapters of the trilogy "In the Country of Last Things", Elena brings on stage the depth enclosed in the sense of the "last things", scanned and translated into motion. The three choreographic works, in their heterogeneity, are held together by a "fil rouge" of elements, which emerge forcefully in each chapter: first the shopping cart, "trademark" and "archè" of creation; the soundtrack - strictly composed by the same musical producer and sublimated by the same singer for all three chapters; but above all, the focus that this trilogy reserves to the theme of the disintegration of the self, to leave room for a new and truer self, more aware, more in tune with is its a "creative" process almost infinite, under the banner of self-determination".

Choreografie & Produktion: Elena Cattardico
Tanz: Selina Koch, Charles Antoni, Stella Covi


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