The PZ is committed to securing and strengthening professional working conditions for Stuttgart's independent dance and performance scene.

Active members have the opportunity to benefit from the PZ's network and its activities: Use of the premises for rehearsals and research, representation, advertising and public relations, counselling, discounted training, workshops, etc.


Freelance dance and performing artists require suitable premises for the development and realisation of their productions and projects. The PZ offers its members free use of its rehearsal spaces for training, research and rehearsals. The PZ currently manages a rehearsal room in Stuttgart-Feuerbach (Tunnelstr. 16) and a rehearsal room in Stuttgart-Ost (Faullederstr. 3). PZ members can also rent the rooms for smaller showings.

Profi-Training & Workshops

The PZ currently offers professional dance training three times a week.

PZ members pay the reduced price for all trainings and workshop programmes. The professional training with rotating teachers takes place at the PZ in Tunnelstr. 16:

Contemporary Dance
Mondays & Thursdays from 10.00 -11.30 am

Classical Ballet
Fridays from 10.00 - 11.30 am

A high-quality training programme is essential for the practice of dance professionals. For this reason, the PZ  regularly organises workshops with renowned national and international choreographers.

Since 2018, the PZ has been organising the annual SEEDS Dance Lab in order to promote artistic exchange within the Stuttgart dance scene. In this unique format, two choreographers come together and enter into an artistic dialogue. SEEDS enables the participants to familiarise themselves with new choreographic approaches and to network.

Public Relations

To support the visibility of the independent dance and performance scene in Stuttgart, the Production Center conducts public relations for its members.

In addition to advertising current events, professional trainings and workshops on its website, the PZ sends out a monthly newsletter highlighting open calls, events and workshops in the independent dance and performance scene. Moreover, the PZ regularly updates its Instagram & Facebook social media channels with the latest info and event announcements from its members.

Consulting service

The PZ provides guidance and counseling to its members in the area of funding acquisition and in all matters relating to production management. 

Consultation appointments on request.


In order to structurally promote and develop contemporary dance and performance art, the PZ engages in intensive networking within Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg as well as on a national and international level. Moreover, the PZ cooperates with cultural institutions in Stuttgart such as the FITZ Theatre, RAMPE and the Stuttgarter Filmwinter, and also strengthens links with associations and production organizations for dance in Baden-Württemberg and Germany.


In addition to its organisational work, the PZ also sees itself as a project initiator for the independent scene in Stuttgart. Through the various interdisciplinary projects, new networks are created that lead to increased visibility of the independent scene in the city and offer freelance artists a platform to present their work.