Executive Board

Executive Board

Catja Baumann
1st Board and chairman

Catja Baumann has been acting as honorary first chairman since 2024. She is a theatre director, coach and mediator.

Wolfram Palmer
2nd Board and Treasurer

Wolfram Palmer is an honorary second board member. He is an IT specialist at EinsElf IT GmbH and supports cultural institutions, among others. Wolfram Palmer has been on the board of the PZ since 2016.

Alexandra Mahnke
Associate member of the Executive Board

Alexandra Mahnke has been the associate member and thus the representative of the membership on the board for several years. Alexandra Mahnke is a dancer, performer and choreographer based in Stuttgart. She has been a member of the PZ since 2010.

Advisory Board
The advisory board of Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance e.V. consults the executive board and the management, promotes co-operations with other cultural institutions and joint projects and is involved in cultural politics for the interests of the organisation.

Members of the advisory board 

  • Hans Casel und Martina Casel
  • Andrea Leonetti
  • Johannes Milla
  • Catarina Mora
  • Nora Niethammer
  • Thorsten Puttenat
  • Jürgen Sauer
  • Margarete Voll
  • Andreas Winter