Tunnelstraße 16 (Stuttgart-Feuerbach)

Since September 2010, the PZ has been based in the old "Felsenkeller", a former brewery, in Stuttgart Feuerbach. 

Both the office and a rehearsal space are situated here.

The rehearsal space is a large ballroom from the 19th century that is a protected monument. Intensive training sessions, workshops and seminars take place here in the mornings. Rehearsals can be held during the day. The focus of the use is based on the respective needs of the members.

Faullederstraße 1–3 (Stuttgart-Ost)

Thanks to the funding programme TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund (2019–2021), the PZ has been able to rent an additional space for members' rehearsals and research at Faullederstraße 2 in Stuttgart-Ost since June 2019. This space is available to PZ members on a full-day basis.

With over 350 occupied days per year, the second space is also used to full capacity. The continuation of this second rehearsal space in 2021 facilitates planning of long-term production processes, relieves the additional pressure of looking for a rehearsal space and eases the financial pressure on production budgets.