SAAL FREI is a platform with event series, festivals, laboratories and regular training, which takes up different approaches and focuses of contemporary improvisational art.

Artists from the independent scene from the fields of dance, music, theater, video, performance and visual arts practice improvisation as their own art and stage form and research the quality of the unique, spontaneous and unexpected in improvised encounters and compositions.

SAAL FREI offers space for interdisciplinary rehearsals, intensive creative processes, the exploration of compositional rules and forms of communication between the arts and with the audience.

Artistic directors dance and performance: Alexandra Mahnke, Claudia Senoner, Lisa Thomas, Martina Gunkel
Music: Oliver Prechtl

In October 2020, the artistic management of the SAAL FREI platform and the Instant PIG//Stuttgart ensemble gave themselves a new non-profit legal form in the form of Instant Act Stuttgart gUG.

The artistic work for Plattform SAAL FREI was supported by the City of Stuttgart in 2018 and 2019 with project funding and from 2021-2022 with conceptual funding. In 2022, the city of Stuttgart has made the funding permanent until 2025.