The Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance e.V. (short: PZ) is a non-profit association for the strengthening and structural support of the independent dance and performance scene in Stuttgart with its own rehearsal and production space. The organisation serves as a platform for dancers, choreographers and performers from the independent performing arts scene in Stuttgart and provides professional working conditions for freelance artists through the implementation of infrastructure.

The PZ offers over 70 members from the fields of dance, dance education, performing arts, music, performance and movement theatre a space to create and research their work. Members can use the rehearsal spaces to develop productions and receive support and guidance for their projects in publicity or other areas from the association.

The organisation currently manages two rehearsal spaces and offers professional training, workshops and a yearly dance laboratory festival - SEEDS - addressed to a professional audience. In addition, the PZ initiates and cooperates in interdisciplinary projects and events in Stuttgart.

The PZ is committed to the visibility of the independent scene and to improving the overall rehearsal and production conditions for freelance artists.


The PZ was founded in 2001 by Hans Peter-Glathe, Catarina Mora, Alexander Frangenheim, Silke Kabisch and Marco Santi. Silke Kabisch took over the first general management position.

Since 2010, the Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance e.V. has been located in the old Felsenkeller in Stuttgart-Feuerbach. The rehearsal venue is a large heritage-protected space from the 19th century.

In 2021, the PZ held its 20th anniversary with an official celebration at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart as well as the creation of the dance piece “Counter Balance”, performed by members of the PZ and choreographed by Lior Lev, which was spresented at the "Historische Wasserspeicher" (old water reservoir) in Stuttgart.