SEEDS Dance Lab

For the SEEDS dance laboratory, the PZ regularly invites renowned choreographers to Stuttgart to enter into an intensive artistic exchange and dialogue.

During the five-day dance lab, the choreographers work together for the first time and share their approaches and ideas with professional dancers in workshops and open spaces.

Participation is aimed at professional dancers who are interested in networking. This special format brings both regional and (inter)national dance professionals to Stuttgart to provide them with a unique space for dance, experimentation and inspiration.

The SEEDS dance lab at the PZ opens with an informal get-together with actors from the local dance scene and closes with a presentation of the results at the end of the week.

The public showing at the end of the lab is intended to present and introduce the independent dance and performance scene to the local audience in and around Stuttgart.

SEEDS 2024


SEEDS Dance Laboratory 2024: Monday, 02.09. - Friday 06.09.2024

SEEDS 2023

Within the framework of the SEEDS Tanzlabor 2023 (04.09.-08.09.2023), the choreographer Emi Miyoshi of the Freiburg collective SHIBUI and the Zurich choreographer Eleonora Zweifel, co-founder of the company TeKi TeKua, will meet for the first time.

During the 5-day workshop, the choreographers will convey their choreographic approaches and ideas to professional dancers from Stuttgart and the region, creating an exciting exchange between the two artists as well as with the participating dancers.The SEEDS dance lab at the production center will open with an informal get-together with actors from the local dance scene on Tuesday and end with a presentation of the results on Thursday.

SEEDS 2022

From 06 - 09 September 2022, the SEEDS Dance Lab 2022 will take place for the fifth time at the Dance + Performance Production Center. This year we will again offer an exciting program with workshop, dance lab and showing:

We are happy to have the Stuttgart-based collective backsteinhaus produktion (Nicki Liszta, Heiko Giering, Isabelle Gatterburg) as guests at the production center for a 3-day dance lab. Within the framework of a workshop, the choreographers will impart their choreographic approaches and ideas to professional dancers. At the end of the dance lab there will be a public show with audience on Friday, 09.09. at 7 p.m. in the production center, where the results of the dance lab will be presented in a performance.

As a SEEDS prelude, a workshop to get to know the Dynamic Movement Theory according to the Franklin Method® for dance with Katherina Walbrecht will be offered on Tuesday.

SEEDS 2021

The Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance invites dancers and choreographers to become part of the SEEDS Academy from September 6 to 11, 2021, as part of TANZPAKT Stuttgart. The SEEDS Academy is tailored to the specific needs of the different career stages of the participants. The Academy is intended to be a professional workshop for the Stuttgart dance scene and to set important impulses in contemporary dance and performance art. This year, artistic workshops on dance film with Dutch filmmaker Noud Heerkens and on dance and performance in public space with Stuttgart choreographer Elena Morena Weber will be offered.

As part of the SEEDS Academy festival, a Film & Dance/Performance Public Viewing will take place at the production center on September 09, 2021 at 8:00 pm and the event Field Composition - a performative walk through Feuerbach for the public on September 11, 2021 at 5:30 pm.

Workshop Program:

Field Composition with Elena Morena Weber.

In this workshop we explore the potential of choreographic composition in public terrain. Along dance trails in leafy parts of Stuttgart, we sharpen the senses for an intense experience with the immediate environment and our own dance language. The connection via Bluetooth headphones creates a parallel world that gives our movement focus and independence at the same time: visual, tactile and spatial impulses serve as impulses for the improvisations in solo and group constellations guided via radio. The urban environment becomes both laboratory and stage for choreographic composition. The workshop is aimed at professional dancers who want to encounter their own movement language in a new way in a context that is unfamiliar to dance and who want to explore physical as well as spatial boundaries on this playing field.

Workshop Film & Dance/Performance with Noud Heerkens

The workshop will explore the crossover between film and contemporary dance. Both disciplines defined and considered in the broadest and most playful way. The first two days start by showing and discussing a wide spectrum and approaches of (post) modern dance films. This will give rise to a conversation about the concept of dance film, its narrative constructions, working methods, cinematic and choreographic styles and the roll of the dancer-performer.

But above all the workshop intends to inspire the participants practice to explore the relations and dynamics between dance performance, choreography and film on different levels by watching, experimenting, conceptualizing making and presenting. The participants will work in multidisciplinary groups where rolls can switch and a generous and energetic attitude goes hand in hand with an open and playful atmosphere.

SEEDS 2020


SEEDS 2019

The SEEDS Dance Lab with Workshops & More for professional dancers took place for the second time from 04.09.-07.09.2019 at the PZ.

In 2019, the guests were the director of the Dance Theatre HeidelbergIván Pérez and the Cooperativa Maura Morales, with the renowned choreographer Maura Morales and the composer Michio Woirgardt.

More information on the event here.

Iván Pérez
Cooperativa Maura Morales

SEEDS 2018

Dance Lab, Workshops & More with Edan Gorlicki and Evangelos Poulinos

In September 2018, the PZ invited all dancers to a special new encounter of dance:
SEEDS – a dance laboratory-festival.

In four days, from 05.09. to 08.09.2018, the dance scene had the chance to participate in the special interaction between two fabulous and international choreographers: Edan Gorlicki and Evangelos Poulinas.

More information on the event here.

The Choreographers 2018
Edan Gorlicki
Evangelos Poulinos