Flamenco Wintertanztage

mit Catarina Mora & Carmen Camacho

  • Mi, 03.01. - Fr, 05.01.24
    17-21.00 pm
  • Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance

We dance our way into 2024 - the best way to welcome in the new year. With dancer Carmen Camacho, a great artist comes to Stuttgart who dedicates herself to her students with a lot of patience and friendliness. A great experience in the dark season. Catarina Mora's physical training gets everyone out of the holidays and gets the body going again in every respect.

Course 1: Body training in preparation for flamenco dance // Catarina Mora

Course 2: "Tangos" // with Carmen Camacho

Course 3: "Technique Bata de Cola pro Caracoles" // with Carmen Camacho

Stuttgarter Flamenco Festival