Tanz, Theater, Film

  • Tue, 09.04.2024
    7.30 pm

Series of events by FITZ, Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance & Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Every two months on a Tuesday evening, short contributions by artists from Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg from the fields of theater, dance and film combine to create a special cultural experience.


The vertical expression of horizontal feelings // Selina Koch

When we look at something that is constantly transforming, how do we know what its true nature is? 

The vertical expression of horizontal feelings deals with emotional transformation processes, showing many faces of one individual. Creating a world where different emotions coexist, where anger, joy, sadness, jealousy and strength can dialog with each other. Where we can chance who we are in a split of a second. Questioning the form of the own existence, searching for references to grasp the ever- changing. Finding the present in notes of Chopin. Questions about one's own existence make forms appear irrevocable in order to better understand that which is always in a state of flux. A search for the infinite possibilities of a vertical human body and its expression.

Choreography and performance: Selina Koch
Outside-Eye: Marie Desoubeaux
Music: Chopin, Karen Dalton, Loscil
Mit Unterstützung von Présomptions de Présences

Between the Lines // Jo Poseneske & Franz Schrörs

Why is Henry Purcell gay culture? What are divas and goddesses all about? How do jellyfish reproduce? Jo Posenenske and Franz Schrörs embark on a search for traces of historical and contemporary paraphrases of queerness. An evening for 100 white, elastic threads, projected spaces and dark backgrounds. An acoustic and visual exploration of the implicit.

Performance: Jo Posenenske, Franz Schrörs
Concept: Schroffke! (Liesbeth Nenoff, Jo Posenenske, Franz Schrörs)
Projection, object conception and construction: Jo Posenenske
Sound, music: Franz Schrörs

Short film program // Curated by Giovanna Thiery (Stuttgarter Filmwinter)

Toumei na watashi (Transparent, I am) (Japan 2020, 11:36 min.)
Regie: Yuri Muraoka
Turtleneck Phantasies (Deutschland 2022, 17:42 Min)
Regie: Gernot Wieland


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