Workshop mit Marine Colard

Eine Kooperation mit dem Institut Français Stuttgart

  • Mo 11.3.24
    6 pm
  • Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance

Workshop with Marine Colard for young people and adults

at the Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance

A cooperation between Institut francais Stuttgart and Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance as part of the Französische Wochen 2024.

Monday, 11.3.24, 18.00 hrs

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The workshop is free of charge.

Inspired by the choreography of the piece "Le Tir sacré", Marine Colard offers insights into her work on dance and the gesture of sport in her workshop.

Marine Colard is an actress, dancer and choreographer. After completing a Master's degree in Métiers des arts et de la culture, she decided to train in acting and dance. She attended various courses at several schools in Paris, Amsterdam and Montreuil. In April 2017, she founded Petite Foule Production. Her Burgundy-based company enables her to work around the everyday and at the interface between theater and dance, and she has recently worked as a choreographer with the composer Benjamin Dupé for his piece "Marelle / que les corps modulent!" (Dijon,Théâtre de Caen) together. Since September 2023 until June 2026 she is associated artist at the Théâtre d'Auxerre. Marine Colard lives in Paris and Talcy (Loire Valley).

Le Tir Sacré
at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Le Tir sacré" will open the French Weeks at the Theaterhaus on March 12. The piece by French choreographer Marine Colard (50 min.) is a duet that plays with the musicality of sports commentary. The piece combines choreographic and textual challenges and explores the connections between gesture and sports commentary. What is the relationship between the athlete's performance and the journalist's sometimes dramatic and exuberant commentary? "Le Tir Sacré" is an oscillation between the meticulous deconstruction of body lines and the decontextualization of words. How far will this duo dare to go in this escalation for ever more performance, for ever more emotion?

Dance: Marine Colard, Esse Vanderbruggen
Commentaries: Werner Kolk

Admission free.
Participants of the workshops are invited to the performance on 12.3. 19:30 at Theaterhaus Stuttgart.

Le Tir Sacré