Agnes Nemeti

Trained as a ballet dancer in Tmisoara/Temeswar, Romania, then spent ten years on the stage of the Timisoara State Opera and collaborated with the National Theater and the Hungarian State Theater. Performance in productions of Olivier Patey, Sabine Wake, Razvan Mazilu, a.o. Still as an active dancer teaching in the ballet education of the local music high school. After three years in the social field as a social worker and career counselor, international training in the Feldenkrais Method® and dance and movement pedagogy training in Vienna - in an attempt to bring social issues together with movement and dance. Simultaneous teaching - ballet, creative dance, hip-hop, Awareness through Movement®. Participation in workshops led by Bruno Genty, Zvi Gotheiner, Malcolm Manning, Sascha Krausneker, Georg Blaschke, Christoph Riedl.

Since 2012 in Stuttgart, freelance ballet and Feldenkrais teacher, member of the Feldenkrais Verband Deutschland.