Antoaneta Bork

Anni Bork is a dancer and dance educator from Stuttgart. In 2018-2021 she completed her training as a state-approved dance pedagogue with the addition of cultural management at the Minkov Dance Academy. Since then, in addition to teaching, she has been involved in numerous cultural projects and theater productions such as "TROJA MACHT KRIEG", as well as "L'UTOPIA" (Tanz- und Theaterwerkstatt Ludwigsburg), "DAS ROTE ZELT" (Kulturwelt e.V.), Venetian Fair, Long Night of Museums and "emotionsproject" (CSC Show Agency). She is part of the contemporary HeartBeatZ Company directed by Nina Oelmann and part of an acrobatic duo with Anou Neumann. Improvisation, acting and creativity are among her greatest interests, which she has already been able to show in her own pieces and projects (dance theater piece "alte Schule", exhibition "a new reality", solo piece "UGLY").



Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2022 02.04.2022 Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2022 Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance