Die Ungehorsamen

Performance von Stella Covi

  • Sat 23/03/24
    7.30 pm
  • Studio Amore
  • Schillerstraße 23,
    70173 Stuttgart 

The choreographic research for "Die Ungehorsamen" was inspired by Elisabetta Rasy's book "Le Disobbedienti," recounting the extraordinary lives of six remarkable women artists: Artemisia Gentileschi, Charlotte Salomon, Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, Berthe Morisot, Suzanne Valadon, and Frida Kahlo. These pioneers not only lived adventurous lives but also left behind an incredible artistic legacy that continues to resonate in today's visual art world.

A common thread linking these six artists is their relentless pursuit of artistic expression amidst the backdrop of the infinite travels they were compelled to do and the often-tragic (and traumatic) circumstances that marked their lives. As a woman who identifies with the journey of self-expression through art and the language of the body, Stella found a profound connection to these themes. Thus, accompanied by the support of Yannick Schroth and Benjamin Clauter, two artists of the experimental music scene in Stuttgart, Stella felt the need to explore them choreographically and through performance, weaving a narrative that draws from the works and experiences of these extraordinary artists.

Direction and performance: Stella Covi
Music: Yannnick Schroth, Benjamin Clauter

No ticket needed, free entrance


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