Ich bin nur anders

Offene Probe des Tanztheater Katja Erdmann-Rajski

  • Sat, 06.04.2024
    7 pm
    Sun, 07.04.2024
    5 pm
  • TREFFPUNKT Rotebühlplatz

Open rehearsals to dance, join in and watch for people aged 16 and over

Do you know Christopher from the novel "Super Good Days"? Christopher is different. He doesn't like yellow and brown things and therefore colours his food. Even the lettuce. But actually, we're all a bit like Christopher - whether we're 16 or 61 years old. Just different from the others. And then the others look at us the wrong way. Stories like this - and aren't they always ours too? - are the ones we want to bring to the stage. Narratively, but above all, of course, through dance.

Concept, choreography, direction, musical concept: Katja Erdmann-Rajski
Dance soloists:
Lilly Bendl, Guillermo de la Chica, Kristina Oleárniková
Dance group:
Karin Azza, Evelyn Eisinger, Carolin Hössel, Theresa Kaiser, Ingrid Pittl, Stefan Scheffczyk, Wanru Zaho
Lighting and technology:
Carolin Bock
Music editing:
Matthias Schneider
Dramaturgical advice:
Ulrich Fleischmann


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