Tanz, Theater, Film

Series of events by FITZ, Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance & Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Every two months on a Tuesday evening, short contributions by artists from Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg from the fields of theater, dance and film combine to create a special cultural experience.


Elusive Matter // Bar Gonen (dance performance)

"If I have my body, who does my body have? "Elusive Matter" seeks a physicality in which my body can feel at home. In this home, I free myself and let go of everything that restricts me. The now is a playground without rules. Everything has its place and everything is bullshit. 

When creating this solo I let things melt away, accepted what came and registered the result of my freedom. a solo with and in freedom. Almost a year later, the world has changed for us on October 7th and with it the meaning of freedom. Now I will be a home not only for my own. I’m going to dance for all people and souls who no longer can. I hope to lighten their hearts and fill it with hope that soon they will be free."

Choreography, dance: Bar Gonen

BESTIARIUM // Annina Mosimann (puppetry)

A variety show of forgotten animals

A wooden box. Or a house? Here, a window, there, a balcony. And strange figures cavort in the attic. Who lives here? "Bestiarium" is an examination of the house as an organism, as a living being, as a space of coexistence. A space in which the housefly has a special supremacy. A homage to the house and to those who inhabit it.

Idea, concept, equipment, play: Annina Mosimann
Coaching production & dramaturgy: Marius Kob
Outside view: Lara Epp, Ariel Doron
Coaching & artistic collaboration construction: Lukas Schneider
Coaching Music: Erik Tarantola

Short film program // Curated by Giovanna Thiery (Stuttgarter Filmwinter)

La Belle est la Bête, Regie: Bady Mink (2005)
Mousepalace, Regie: Paul Horn und Harald Hund (2010)
Hotel Room, Regie: Bernd Oppl (2010)
After Lives, Regie: Michl Heindl (2022)


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