Lisa Kistenmacher

Lisa Kistenmacher is a freelance dancer/movement artist and works as a contemporary dance instructor. She is trained in modern and contemporary dance and received her diploma in sports science with a focus on movement arts. In addition to years of semi-professional performances in partner and handstand artistry, she participated in the dance performance pieces "At the Threshold" and " Paradise Lost" for 2 years. She works at the interface of modern dance and artistry, giving workshops, dance trainings in Frankfurt and Mainz as well as professional dance training in the production center in Stuttgart. With her regular participation in professional training in Frankfurt and Stuttgart and participation in further education, festivals and workshops, she is constantly consolidating and exploring her dance profile.



Counter Balance 05.10.2021 - 06.10.2021 Counter Balance Jubiläumsproduktion des Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance von Lior Lev Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2024 13.04.2024 Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2024 »behind the scenes« im Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance