Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2024

»behind the scenes« im Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance

  • Sat, 13/04/2024
    8.00 - 10.30 pm
  • Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance

Once again this year, the Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance is opening its doors as part of the Feuerbacher Kulturnacht: on this evening, the members of the Produktionszentrum will provide an insight into the diversity of contemporary dance and Stuttgart's independent dance and performance scene.

The doors to the hall will be open from 20:00 - 22:30 and visitors are welcome to stay for a drink at the bar afterwards and chat to the artists.

Admission is free of charge.


Tanz: Martina Gunkel
Sound: Anja Füsti
In "decadance", Anja Füsti and Martina Gunkel engage in an improvised exchange between the sound of a synthesiser and movement as part of the SaalFrei platform. Both artists are part of the artistic management team of the SaalFrei platform, which is dedicated to contemporary improvisation art in Stuttgart.

„Aufrichten zur Flucht“
Performance: Susa Ramsthaler
Aufrichten zur Flucht starts with a basic movement: How can a lying person be brought to a standing position in order to be able to walk, to flee? A life-size doll modelled on me is to be made to stand up. Short verbal utterances, an implied tango song and spring-like birdsong, disturbed by a helicopter, can be heard.

„Ich bin nur anders“
Choreography: Katja Erdmann-Rajski
Dance: Lilly Bendl, Kristina Oleárniková
Do you also know Christopher from the novel "Super Good Days"? Christopher is different He doesn't like yellow and brown things and therefore colours his food. Even the lettuce. But actually, we're all a bit like Christopher - whether we're 16 or 61 years old. Just different from the others. And are then looked at askance by the others. Stories like this - and aren't they always ours too? - we want to bring them to the stage. Narratively, but above all, of course, through dance.

„Ne vous Deplaise...“
Choreography & vocals: Grégory Darcy
Dance: Johannes Blattner
Does autism have a humorous side? Yes, the solo dares to show it. The very intense connection with an everyday object, in this case a vacuum cleaner tube hoover tube, leads to a moment of absolute clarity about a past love affair.

„Urban Yodeling“
Singing: Mechthild Hettich, Ines Abt, Timber Hemprich
Urban yodelling and vocal improvisation with overtone singing by the LAYERS OF VOICE trio.

„Augen auf, steh auf“
Choreography: Sawako Nunotani
Dance: Lisa Kistenmacher, Katrin Zimmermann
Our heartbeat, our breath, our sensations. All things that we cannot grasp with our hands. Let us trust in the organic life activity within us. Our transformation as a form of life. We are in motion. Let's open our eyes and stand up.

„Salzig oder süß.“
Choreography: Daura Hernández García
Dance: Stella Covi
With the kind support of Pilar Murube
...a person, a place... What do you see, from what perspective, in what context, do you see what I see, do you hear what I hear? Everything we perceive can change if we look with a different intention, if we decide to listen more, if we look behind the façade or into a different context, it all depends on how we look, and sometimes on what we want to see... ...a person, a place,...

Short films

Film: Claudia Senoner
Dance: Martina Gunkel, Saskia Hamala

»Neukölln tanzt! In Vielfalt Mensch sein«
(Official Trailer)
Film: Christina VoigtModeration: Grégory Darcy
Dance: Johannes Blattner, Laura Brückmann

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