Marija Skender

The pianist Marija Skender, who comes from Montenegro, plays mainly contemporary music of various styles. She likes to combine music with other art forms such as music theater, improvisation, visual arts or contemporary dance. She has also made it her mission to attract a wider audience to new music by performing interesting works.

Marija Skender is also an oriental dancer. She has perfected Turkish style in Montenegro.

Her dance repertoire consists of veil dance, drum solo, dance with Isis wing and saber dance.

During her studies Marija Skender was awarded with several prizes. In Germany, in 2013, she was awarded the Karl Steinbuch Scholarship of the MFG Foundation Stuttgart for the innovative project "Oriental Piano Dance", which she realized in collaboration with composer Vincent Wikstrom.

In 2015, she passed the master's exam for New Music with Prof. Nicolas Hodges at the Stuttgart University of Music and Performing Arts.