Anika Bendel

Anika Bendel completed her studies at HfMT Cologne. She works/ed a.o. with Johannes Blattner, Juliette Villemin, Instant Act Stuttgart, MIRA, IPtanz, MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch, DIN A 13, Helena Waldmann. Her interest in intercultural and interdisciplinary projects has taken her to India, Iran, Sudan and Bangladesh. She is committed to better production conditions. So she connected BaWu to the TANZ_TAUSCH_NETZWERK, was a member of the advisory board of the SYSTEMCHECK research project and is a board member at dancersconnect and in the umbrella organization Dance Germany.




Stuttgart SOLO CHOREO 13.03.2024 Stuttgart SOLO CHOREO Auftakt zum 28. Internationalen Solo-Tanz-Theater Festival Stuttgart Performance-Festival »Körper der Gegenwart« 29.09.2022-30.10.2022 Performance-Festival »Körper der Gegenwart« Staatsgalerie Stuttgart und Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance