Gabriela Velasco

Gabriela is a Brazilian dancer and choreographer currently based in Stuttgart. She is a co-founder of the dance company "Balé da Cidade de Taubate" along with company director and choreographer Alexandra Luppe. Gabriela has collaborated with numerous international choreographers and artists such as Henrique Rodovalho, Jaruam Rodrigues, Felipe Chepkassof, Rafael Gomes, Ana Botafogo, Darion Rodrigues (Cirque de Soleil), and Victor Navarro Capell. In addition to her dance career, Gabriela graduated from UNIMES University with a teaching degree in art. Alongside her work as a choreographer in Brazil and Cuba, she taught Brazilian dance to children and seniors. Gabriela has gained international recognition and won the "Gold Medal" at the VKIBC in the United States in 2015. While in Sao Paulo, she collaborated with notable figures such as Luis Fernando Bongiovanni, the current director of Guaíra Theater, as well as Andrea Pivatto and Ricardo Scheir, who greatly influenced her dance style. She directed the international dance film project "Bicicleta em Movimento" together with Rocio Infante, which was realized with the support of the Aldir Blanc Law in Brazil. The project featured performances in Argentina, the United States, and Portugal, and involved the participation of dancers, musicians, composers, and artists from Germany, France, and various other countries.

Currently, Gabriela works as a choreographer and dancer in the Stuttgart independent scene and teaches ballet and contemporary dance at various dance schools in Baden-Württemberg. She has been involved in projects such as Musik der Jahrhunderte, Irritierte Stadt, Lange Nacht der Museen Stuttgart, and the Linden Museum, and in 2023, she presented her solo work as part of the International Solo Dance Theater Festival at Stuttgart Solo Choreo.