Luciana Mugei

The dancer, dance pedagogic and social worker has been working for several years as an active member of the freelance dance and theatre community in Stuttgart.

As a Kulturvermittlerin she is engaged in various dance and theatre projects in schools of the Stuttgart area in cooperation with different institutions such as Theaterhaus Stuttgart e.V. in the context of the youth ensemble Theaterhaus Plus, also Landesvereinigung Kullturelle Jugendbildung Baden Württemberg.

Both as Kulturvermittlerin and as a dancer she is interested in giving kids the possibility of participation in cultural life and the experience of creative physical expression.

Therefore she is, among others, part of the dance theatre piece for children 2+2=4 from Nina Kurzeja (BLOMST gUG), which wonderfully combines dance and education.

As a dancer, she cooperates with artist mostly of the Stuttgart area. She participated for example in Invisible Dances (Elisabeth Schilling), Counter Balance (Lior Lev), The Explorers (Pascal Sangl), Ohnmacht (Carmen Scarano, Luciana Mugei, Cary Clay) in cooperation with Haus der Geschichte Baden Württemberg, Performance with Citizen.KANE.Kollektiv in Alte Lackfabrik Akzo Nobel Stuttgart.

She is founder of Luca Tanzprojekte Stuttart alongside with Carmen Scarano.

She received her dance education in various institutes and with different teachers in Stuttgart, New York, Los Angeles and Tilburg.

She completed her dance pedagogic education in Tanzform, Konstanz.



Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2022 02.04.2022 Feuerbacher Kulturnacht 2022 Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance Counter Balance 05.10.2021 - 06.10.2021 Counter Balance Jubiläumsproduktion des Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance von Lior Lev Performance-Festival »Körper der Gegenwart« 29.09.2022-30.10.2022 Performance-Festival »Körper der Gegenwart« Staatsgalerie Stuttgart und Produktionszentrum Tanz + Performance