Nina Kurzeja

Nina Kurzeja was trained as a stage dancer at the Ballet Academy of the State Academy of Music in Cologne and at the Palucca Academy of Dance in Dresden.

She has been working in the independent dance and theater scene in Stuttgart and the region for over twenty years. Nina Kurzeja directs interdisciplinary dance, music and theater productions with an international team of performers. She is in demand in cultural education in various contexts, working with children and young people as well as with seniors and people with a refugee background.

With her dance pieces for young audiences, she successfully followed invitations to Ludwigsburg, Ulm, Constance, Dessau, Heidelberg and Hanover, among others. Most recently, her piece "2+2=4" was shown at the festival "rasant - Tanzwochen für junges Publikum NRW".

In summer 2018, she founded BLOMST! gUG together with dance artist and dance facilitator Pilar Murube and video artist Alexander Schmidt. The objective is to enable artistic projects and cultural participation.




GAME ON 04.02. - 23.02.2024 GAME ON Ein inklusives Tanzvermittlungsprojekt von BLOMST! gUG