Paco Ladrón de Guevara

Paco Ladrón de Guevara (Granada, Spain. 1997) focuses his artistic research on dance and visual arts using different languages as installation, drawing or performance to materialize his projects. After graduating in Fine Arts and having an independent dance formation in Berlin and Brussels, he worked as a professional dancer in Aura Dance Theatre Company (Kaunas, Lithuania) and Ballet Theater Pforzheim. Paco held his last solo show “What the body thinks about gravity” (2021) in Lithuania and took part in collective exhibitions like “XXXVI Rioja National Art Contest” (2020), winning the second prize with his video work “Dialogue with the spinning-top”. In the last two years, Paco choreographed pieces like “Underneath a shell” (2021) with Arunas Mozuraitis and “We are the ones (fragment of thought II)” (2022).

Lastly, it is worth mentioning his teaching labour, with movement research and contemporary drawing workshops in cities like Granada, Madrid, Kaunas and Pforzheim.